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A Unique Christmas Song And How It Was Written

At first the idea of writing a Christmas song seemed crazy because neither of the writers had ever written a song before. But it was one of those strange ideas that didn't seem to want to go away....

The writers of the song are Tim and Karen, a couple based in the North of England. Because of a genetic condition Karen has been terminally ill several times and been fortunate to survive each time. She has also had multiple transplant surgeries and although her health problems have continued these difficult personal experiences have also had positive effects. They have met many new friends because of it and they have also learned to appreciate every moment that life brings. Their experiences led them to try new things and the idea for a Christmas song to was so persistent that despite never having written a song before they decided to do it anyway. After letting it sit for a while, Karen wrote the music and then Tim wrote the words.

With the music and lyrics finally completed, they approached a talented local music producer and singer called Andrew Yeadon. The writers feel that the vocal combination of Sarah Douglass and Andrew Yeadon has created a real sense of humanity and would like to thank them both sincerely. Andrew's tenacity, and musical and production skills have been truly amazing and both he, and his work come highly recommended. He immediately understood the song and he simply cannot be thanked enough.

Without life saving treatments the song would not exist at all. Do explore the website of LIVErNORTH. Their work is important. It has global impact. They support one of the world's finest transplantation teams and fund research which benefits people worldwide. ("No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop 620-560 BC)

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"I Remember Every Christmas Day." Copyright Karen & Timothy Phizackerley 2015. Music: Karen Phizackerley. Lyrics: Tim Phizackerley. Contactable via